Small board, bold design. Orbit-X unites a comfortable ergonomic layout with a high-end CNC-milled case to create a luxurious experience that’s easy to learn and enjoyable to use.

Current Project Status: Pre-Sale

Boards undergoing reanodization due to heavy mismatch discovered
Once complete, units will go on sale

Last updated 2021-08-15

Boards undergoing reanodization due to heavy mismatch discovered
Once complete, units will go on sale


Due to travel restrictions with COVID, earliest board can go on sale is now July


IC published on GeekHack

Ready By Design

An unusual layout can be daunting to use, especially if coming from something very different.
Orbit-X has been designed specifically to be easy to migrate to, regardless of what your current layout preferences are.

Typical modifier key placements means your fingers move where they should.
A carefully devised layout makes use of symmetric key placements to keep layout memorization to an absolute minimum while offering functionality comparable to a board as large as a TKL.

Tailored to You

The Orbit-X layout packs in function as close to the home position as possible to minimize finger movement.
The bottom row modifiers allow for easy migration from typical keyboard layouts, and the thumb cluster is reduced to two keys to reduce thumb strain as much as possible.
A top-mounted polycarbonate plate matches the layout with the typing comfort required.

The case is designed with light-catching curves that adorn the front and rear, paired with strong straight sides that give the tiny board a daring look well beyond its size.
The "screwless" internal screw design hides all screws out of sight once assembled, leaving the curvatures unbroken even on the bottom.
A specially designed polycarbonate wristrest matches the Orbit-X’s aesthetic perfectly while supporting your wrists for the most demanding typing sessions.

The Do-Everything Keyboard

Just as the layout is tailored to the hand, the entire board can be tailored to your preferences.
Leave the supplied foam layer out for the extreme flex and typing comfort of a top-mounted polycarbonate plate, or drop it in to obtain maximized acoustics rare for a board of this size.

Both halves have a USB-C connector, so you can pick which one to use based on which is convenient for your cable.
The wristrests can be placed in front of the board for extended typing sessions, or removed to maximize desk estate.
If you only need one hand’s worth of keys for a task, you can plug in only one half of Orbit-X and extend available desk space even further.



Aluminum, grey


Polycarbonate, top mount


Soldered switches (non-hotswap)


Note: Polycarbonate is prone to visual damage due to its soft finish. The wristrest will pick up wear and tear over time.


USB-C to PC, 3.5mm TRRS between halves

Case Mass

~350g per half, ~700g both halves, ~1kg with wristrests

Layout and Default Keymap



100 total


To be announced



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