Equinox XL

Equinox is back - The compact size and PCB-mount structure remain, but this time with more keys and a screwless exterior.

Current Project Status: Group Buy Closed

Boards will be entering production once the aluminum source blocks are obtained.

Last updated 2021-08-30

Boards will be entering production once the aluminum source blocks are obtained.


Board will be available until August 29


Group buy going live on August 15 at Cannonkeys, Daily Clack, Salvun, Yusha Kobo, and TypePlus
Pricing will be roughly 320USD at each vendor


IC published at GeekHack

Visible Evolution

The proven tabbed-gasket PCB mount structure from the original Equinox remains, offering an unusual yet comfortable typing feel designed primarily for plateless use.
Equinox XL has been updated from the original with a seamless design and internal screws, making the exterior clean and sleek from any angle.

From the Desk to the World

The compact yet functional 50% key layout of the Equinox XL allows for easy migration from larger layouts while also ensuring compatibility with many keysets.
An internal brass weight balances the board’s mass - just light enough for portability, and just heavy enough for stability during use.

Tailored to the Occasion

Choose between winkey and winkeyless variants to choose between maximum functionality and a classic aesthetic.
The PCB allows for 3U-1U-3U split spacebar to extend productivity further without sacrificing the symmetrical aesthetic.



Aluminum case, internal brass weight, manufactured by Salvun CNC


~670g for the case incl. internal weight


Soldered (Non-hotswap)

Case Variants

Regular, WKL

Case Colors

Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Purple


Vendors: Cannonkeys, Daily Clack, Salvun, Yusha Kobo, Typeplus

Pricing (at time of GB)


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