Brutal V2 - 65%

2019 saw the birth of the CannonKeys Brutalist series keyboards - an accessible keyboard series inspired by the architecture of the same name which made CNC custom keyboards readily available for all as a constant in-stock item.
Fast-forwarding three years, the Brutal V2 series joins the Brutalist family with its first member - carrying the DNA of the original forward while still applying a fresh take on the visuals and performance.

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Last updated 2022-04-25

Interest check published

True To Its Name

With its bold, blocky visuals combined with sleek angular accents, the Brutal V2 series brings brutalist-inspired massive design in a form that blends well into any desk environment.
Raw cast-metal internal weights finish off the brutalist look while providing acoustic improvement and stability during use.

Brutal Looks, Solid Performance

The Brutal V2 series implements a single-sided gasket mount which provides extreme comfort alongside acoustics that combine calmer gasket-mount and proven top-mount characteristics.
With a simple build process and automatic plate alignment, the Brutal V2 series ensures that your build comes out top-notch regardless of experience.

Tracing the Origins

Just like the original Brutalist series boards that came before it, the Brutal V2 series carries the goals of being an accessible option while offering versatility for all stages of the hobby.
Opt for a hotswap PCB for a solder-free and safe assembly that can be finished rapidly and modified easily, or choose the solderable PCB for a permanent assembly with any of the possible layout choices.


Case weight


Case style
  • Single-sided gasket mount
  • Internal screw
  • Internal weights
Plate materials

To be decided

  • 323 x 113 x 30 mm
  • Typing angle 6.5°
  • Front height 17mm


Sale method

In-stock at CannonKeys; date TBA

Included case parts

Foam midlayer, foam bottomlayer


Hotswap, Solderable

Plate layouts and materials





Type-C, provided by the Unified Daughterboard

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