For those who demand the best of the best, Andromeda offers a carefully sculpted design coupled with proven gasket internals for extreme levels of typing comfort and stunning visuals.

Current Project Status: Group Buy Closed; Shipped

All ordered units have shipped.

Last updated 2022-03-20

All ordered units have shipped.


All units from CannonKeys are being shipped.


The CannonKeys batch of Andromedas have arrived at their warehouse and are currently undergoing QC; expected shipping in 1~2 weeks.

As per the email notification, please contact immediately if you need an address change prior to shipment.


Units purchased from TypePlus have shipped
Remaining units en route to CannonKeys

  • Direct shipping from China to bypass backlogged US sea freight ports is under consideration; this may speed up delivery times with no extra cost.
  • Last-minute packaging changes have been put into place to make the boards compatible with the above.
  • All aluminum case parts have been completed to meet QC requirements.

Imperfections with finishing has delayed manufacturing; ETA to be determined shortly
Boards undergoing refinishing to achieve required finish quality


ETA delayed to August due to manufacturing delays


Group buy quantity cap reached; GB closed and boards entering production


Group buy opened


Pricing and vendors announced on Discord
Sale to begin on October 24


IC published

The Beauty and the Beast

Designed as a cost-no-object keyboard, Andromeda’s sculpted side profiles have been modelled to provide a satin fabric-like elegance, which combined with the soft curvatures used throughout the board give a delicate feel which lead the eyes throughout the design.

Strong straight horizontals strike a heavy contrast to the softer elements to offer the bold, rigid impression to accompany the elegance. The careful balance of both constructs an elegant yet minimal, graceful yet powerful aesthetic fit for any environment.

The Journey to the Peak

The design knowledge acquired through many of ai03’s designs in the past have been put forth to full effect with Andromeda, taking elements such as the rear-angled weight and gasket mounting of Polaris and refining them to their ultimate levels.

Commitment to Detail

The small details make the biggest differences, and no detail has been left unchecked with Andromeda.

Interior screws provides a beautiful screwless exterior that does not interfere with the overall form, and a USB daughterboard separate from the main PCB allows for replacing the USB connector in case it wears out.



Aluminum, anodized silver or grey


Steel, matte PVD; paired grey weight to silver case and silver weight to grey case


Aluminum, minimal compat, gasket mount


Soldered (non-hotswap), STM32 ARM microcontroller; USB-C via unified daughterboard

Case Mass

~3.2kg (Case, weight, plate)

Typing Angle

8 degrees

Layouts supported


Unit Quantity

100 per vendor; 200 total

Price (At time of original sale)


Vendors (At time of original sale)

CannonKeys (North America), Deskeys (Asia)

Files and Resources

Plate FileDownload
PCB OutlineDownload
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